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Saving Two Worlds At a Time






*~ Chapter 1, Morning ~*


Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock wanted me to wake up and get out of bed. I saw 7:30AM, and at the bottom I saw Monday. Quickly, I pushed a button on it to make it stop. I hated Mondays. I just wanted to sleep in without worrying about homework and school. Getting up early was one of my worst qualities, and today, like every Monday, I didn’t want to get up. The same things happened every Monday: I get up, eat the same old breakfast, go to school, do my homework, and then go to bed. I started to count down the seconds in my head…… Three…..two….one….. “Anna, wake up.” My mom had came into my room and sat down beside me on my bed. She thought I was asleep, so I acted like I was sleepy when she “woke me up”. I sat up in my bed, and stretched. “What’s.... (yawn)…for.. (yawn)….breakfast?” I asked, fake-yawning. “Bacon and eggs.” My mom replied. “Ok, I’ll be down in 15 minutes.” I said, not yawning anymore.
“ Ok.” She agreed. Mom slowly got up, walked out of my room, out my doorway and downstairs. When I didn’t hear her footsteps anymore, I sunk back into my bed, and soon dozed off back to sleep. Yeah, like that was gonna happen. I AM NOT GETTING OUT OF BED.



*~ Chapter 2, Wake up!! ~*


“Anna Judson!” called my history teacher, Mr. Krell. “Here.” I grumbled. Yep, u guessed it. A few minutes after I “swore” not to get out of bed this morning, and fell asleep, my annoying and nosey brother Jason came into my room. Once he saw me asleep, he tip-toed to my ear and purposely yelled, “ANNA, WAKE UP!!!” as high as he could. That’s when I fell out of my bed, face first on the floor, into a cake covered with frosting and a cherry on top because he scared me to death. The second I could see and breathe, I took a handful of cake and threw it at his face. Jason started whining like the 7-year-old he was and ran downstairs. I went into the bathroom and washed off my face. After I had gotten back in my room, my parents came rushing in my door, I saw Jason standing behind them, looking innocent. I got grounded because a 7-year-old because he told my parents that he was just trying to wake up his twelve-year-old sister and when he did, his sister was the one that got the cake out, and threw it in his face for waking her up. He did it just so I’d get in trouble, so I’d HAVE to go to school, so I wouldn’t be absent, just so he could get me back from the prank I pulled on him last night( Long Story…so I’ll just tell u the good part: There was strawberry jelly smothered all over him!). Now because of my brother, I’m here at school.
“Anna?” I heard someone call my name. Mr. Krell was staring at me, waiting for an answer. I was daydreaming before he called out my name. “Uh….Uhh…” I babbled, clueless about what lesson he was talking about.
Thankfully, right then, the school bell rang. I was saved by the bell!!(LOL)



*~ Chapter 3, School ~*

I walked out of Mr.Krell’s room and headed to my locker. I rapidly did my combination and took the lock off my locker door, I just wanted the day to end. “Hey Anna!!” I heard a familiar voice behind me. I jumped, then turned around and there was my best friend, Rose Loeb.
“Hey!” I tried to sound happy, but she saw right through my fake voice. I turned back around to get my books out my locker.
“What happened this time?” she asked, still standing behind me.
“Well……u know, the usual. Last night I pulled a prank on brother that ended with strawberry jelly smothered all over his clothes, and now I’m grounded for a week cause he told a lie and got me back. And that’s not all he did.” I explained, and slammed my locker door shut and put the lock back on.
“What else?” she asked, not sounding surprised.
“He screamed in my ear, I fell flat face on the floor, onto a cake covered with frosting and a cherry. He just did it; all of it, to get me back from the prank.” I said, thinking about what I should do to get him back tonight.
“Just let it go, he’ll grow up someday.” Rose tried to convince me.
“No, he won’t grow up, he’ll just be the same old annoying, whining 7-year-old.” I disagreed.
“Meet you in 3rd period, gym class.” Rose changed the subject.
“See you there.” I said., and she hurried off to her 2nd period.
Gym was right after English class, which was my second period, so if I could get through English, I could make it to Gym class.
I took a seat in the front row beside someone I didn’t even know. “Ok, Class,” Mrs. Marley started, ”We’re reviewing about nouns.” Oh, great. We have to learn about something we already know. This should be fun. NOT.

“Anna? Anna?” Mrs. Marley shook me on the shoulder gently. “Huh?” I said waking up. Oh, great. I fell asleep in class. Luckily I didn’t drool.
“Well, that’s the lesson for today.” Mrs. Marley told the whole class, including me. “Have any Ques-“ and before Mrs. Marley could finished what she was saying, the school bell cut her off. YES!! Gym!






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